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Introducing ‘The Audio Aficionado’

We live in an era of absolute information overload. I am sure you are aware but there is so much content to find out there.

Visually you have your pictures, videos, reels and images all over our social media. Audibly you have your audiobooks, Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse meetings and yes also Podcasts.

Now when we started the TeachPitch Podcast little over 1 year ago we did it to highlight the hard work of people who have achieved great things in their own right. Now more than anything I was set on making it clear to our listeners that yes our guests have achieved great success but no this did not happen automatically. Each and everyone of my guests have been through hardships, challenges and needed to overcome huge obstacles to get where they are today.  From the President to the Trauma Surgeon, from the CIA Spy to the Psychologist – the deep adversity rimed with their  great accomplishment is everywhere.

Now some of you might know that our Podcast is born out of a community of educators that wanted to realize change.

And the change they all want to see is all focussed on improving the global state of education. Now if you were to go to and sign up you will see that we have curated loads of content (over quarter of a million resources to date) that we all brought together in a big online library – ready to use for educators who are keen to improve the situation in their community, classroom or school.

I am happy to say that this library is being used by over 62,000 people from over 200 countries to date and it is for those people that we originally developed this program.

Our community is very active and I was overjoyed to see that its members also started to help and train one another by creating tutorials and reviews on great educational content and technology they were using – leaving very useful manuals for their peers.

Now to make a long story short – with our Podcast we want to extend our line of thinking not only on the platform but also in this show. This is why we are building a community of Audio Aficionados that will help us to review great Podcast shows, Episodes, hosts and guests out there.

If you like to listen to Podcasts like I do, you are bound to have your favorites and I want to hear all about them. We want to know from you from the over 1 million of podcasts that are already out there which one we should listen to. We love it that you are listening to us but the last thing we want is to just be dropping content without being aware of the other great Podcast Episodes that are being made all over the world.

So if you are listening to this and want our growing community to know more about your favorite podcast (or even the opposite – perhaps you hate a certain show and want the world to know as well) get in touch with us via our show notes or social media and  together we can make an excellent Audio Aficionado Episode about it that will change this world forever!

Very exciting!! In the next Audio Aficionado Episodes I will surely be talking about the shows that have inspired me. Some of them, I dare to say, have changed my entire outlook on life and I cannot wait to share it with you!