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Episode 56: Kristan Serafio: ‘The Hollywood Hairstylist’

We are glamming it up today and we are taking you to Hollywood! In our continuous search for the world’s most unique jobs and careers we surely found a diamond today as we had the great honor and pleasure to interview Kristan Serafino. Now Kristan is a hairstylist and not just your regular one.

Throughout her 20 year career she has been responsible for the looks of actors like Matthew McConaughey, Robert Pattinson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Daniel Craig, Shawn Mendes, Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Michael J Fox and the list just goes on and on.

Next to being a genius with coiffures (Kristan gave me a lot of good tips and tricks on how to never have a bad hair-day) she is also the most lovely and hard working person you have ever met.

She is continuously on the go advising people whether this is on TV programs like Good Morning America or working with people in her salon, that is if she is not on the road for a film project.

Kristan is now devoted to growing her hair wax company The Best Paste that is winning lots of awards and accolades at the moment and we talk about her stellar journey as hairstylist, CEO and amazing person in general.
Special call-out to Kristan’s Chief Operating Officer Doug Church who we also mention in the interview! Doug you rock!

So without further ado let’s get into a set of new challenges, beautiful hair, great styling tips & tricks and the great glitter and glam of the movie industry for Episode 56 with Kristan Serafino, the Hollywood Hairstylist.