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Episode 8: Dr. Ismail Serageldin: ‘The Librarian’

The unbelievable story of Dr. Ismail Serageldin – without a doubt the most intelligent guest of the TeachPitch Podcast (no offense to previous and/or future interviewees). Aldo speaks to Ismail about his profound challenges in making the Ancient Library of Alexandria the renowned institute of knowledge it is today.

I know this is only our very first season and that it is still very early days as this episode will drop as number 8 in our series but I am quite confident that my next guest is one of the smartest people that I will ever have the privilege of interviewing for the TeachPitch Podcast.
Dr. Ismail Serageldin has written over 100 books and monographs and well over 500 papers on any notable topic varying from literature, to biotechnology to the value of science in our world.
Next to his own PhD from Harvard University he holds over 40 honorary doctorate degrees.
And on top of that he has been awarded many national medals and titles that will make your head spin. Awards from Chile, Azerbaijan, Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro and most particularly; a Gold and Silver Star from the Order of the Rising Sun from the Emperor of Japan, a Commander of the Order of Arts & Letters by the government of France and The Public Welfare Medal from the US National Academy of Sciences.
Dr. Serageldin was the first Vice-President of Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development at the World Bank and after leaving this position became Founding Director of the Library of Alexandria where he served until 2017. Currently Ismail is Emeritus Librarian of the same renowned institution.
Our guest has also hosted a cultural program on Egyptian Television and developed a TV Science series in Arabic and English.
His message to the world is one that advocates hope & peace or as he says himself:
“The world is my home. Humanity is my family. Non-violence is my creed. Peace, justice, equality and dignity for all – is my purpose. Engagement, rationality, tolerance, dialogue, learning and understanding are my means. With outstretched hands we welcome all those who share these beliefs …”