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Episode 7: Prof. Frans von der Dunk: ‘The Space Lawyer’

We as well are going to explore space. Aldo speaks to Prof. Frans von der Dunk, an eminent authority in Space Law about what the effects are when more humans make their move out of our atmosphere. What is next for us in Space? Can SpaceX enforce its own legal system on Mars? And what happens when someone is killed in Space? Loads of questions to which our guest has fascinating answers.
In this episode we are going to explore space. More particularly we are going to look at how human intervention will have an effect on Space and I am very happy that I am joined today by an absolute authority on the matter.
Professor Frans von der Dunk is a HARVEY & SUSAN PERLMAN ALUMNI AND OTHMER PROFESSOR OF SPACE LAW at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
and Associate Research Professor at Lazarski University in Warsaw, Poland.
It is safe to say that Frans von der Dunk knows what he is talking about having published over 200 articles on the topic. He was also the author of the first comprehensive Handbook of Space Law and is a Series Editor of Studies in Space Law.
There are way too many accolades, recognitions and acknowledgements to mention when you have a guest like this Professor – so I am not going into detail.
Professor von der Dunk is being called in as an advisor by several government agencies and institutions such as the European Commission, The European Space Agency, the United Nations, OECD and a variety of other national space initiatives such as Japan, Brazil, UAE, Saudi-Arabia, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands.
He is an often seen guest in television programs made about space and if you haven’t seen it yet I would highly recommend a TEDX Talk he held in Vienna in 2016 speaking about why we need Space Lawyers.
My guest is particularly proud of his  cooperation with the Association of Space Explorers on Near-Earth Object Threat Mitigation as well as his signature, along with many Nobel Prize winners and other luminaries, of the original 100 Times Asteroid Day Declaration.
I am sure I missed a lot in this amazing resume but here goes nothing!