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Episode 58: Paz Levinson – ‘The Sommelier’

It is so good to be back with our Podcast Program. A new series of episodes brought to you every week with also (as you might have noticed) a brand new name.  So we took a short break from podcasting taking some time to work with a professional audio consultant to listen to our previously published conversations. We did this because we absolutely love bringing this program to you and we want it to only get better. Now in order to do this we felt it was good not to stay too long in an echo chamber, taking each other’s advice as a production team but also to work with third parties to tell us how we could improve. The big takeaway was – papapapapa – they love it! Don’t change too much other than maybe adopt a name that better represents the topics that we discuss. So we did just that.

Our production team came up with a list of 20 names that with the entire team at TeachPitch we shortlisted to 3 – we took those 3 names to our community and an overwhelming majority voted for the name: Messy and Masterful!! So here we are – welcome to a brand new episode of Messy and Masterful powered by TeachPitch. We are very happy you could make it!! And boy oh boy do we have a treat for you, because our new guest is one of the very best sommeliers in the world! A sommelier according to Wikipedia is a wine steward, is a trained and knowledgeable wine professional, normally working in fine restaurants, who specializes in all aspects of wine service as well as wine and food pairing. The role of the wine steward in fine dining today is much more specialized and informed than that of a “wine waiter.” And I was so delighted to speak to Paz Levinson who was the best sommelier of the Americas in 2015 and became 4th globally in 2016. She is now traveling the world working as a sommelier for the world-famous chef Anne-Sophie Pic and her restaurants all over the world. Paz is absolutely lovely, modest and hardworking and it was a great pleasure talking to her about her challenges in making your mark on the map having one of the best pallets in the world. Cannot wait to hear what you think – please enjoy episode 58, Paz Levinson, The Sommelier!