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Episode 12: Johanna Jarvinen-Taubert: ‘The Finnish Teacher’

Finland has the best-developed education system in the world. Aldo speaks to an expert what makes it so unique and which elements can be adopted by other countries in this world to improve their educational outcomes.

In today’s episode we go back to our teacher roots and explore the state of global education.
And for this specific interview we are taking you to Finland.
Despite the fact that this country is the world’s most northern and one of the most geographically remote states in the world it is fending very well for itself on an education level.
According to a Global Competitive Study of the World Economic Forum of this year, Finland  has the most well-developed education in the world. The country also has the highest world wide ranking when it comes to High School Completion.
And Finland was again a winner in the first quarter of 2021 as the World Best Education Systems Ranking.
The data keep on piling up that there is something about Finland and Education and I am very happy that we are joined today by Johanna Jarvinen-Taubert, a former teacher based in the South of Finland. Johanna is one of the authors of the book: Finnish Education in Practice, What, Why and How and Founder of the company LearningScoop that seeks to train teachers all over the world on how they can adopt Finnish methods to improve teaching styles and educational outcomes.
Johanna is also a mother of six children and loves spending her time in Tampere the South of Finland by one of the country’s most beautiful lakes.