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Aldo de Pape

CEO, Author and Podcaster

He is the founder of TeachPitch and co-founder and CEO of GenomesDAO. Aldo also hosts The TeachPitch Podcast, a series of interviews in which he talks to a variety of people from various professions about the challenges they needed to overcome to achieve success.

Previously he worked in publishing for Springer and Macmillan (Digital Science) and authored a children’s book ‘I am!’, published in 2008.

Aldo holds an MA in International Relations from the University of Utrecht and an MA in General Management from the Vlerick School of Management.

He is happily married to Leila and blessed to be the father of Norah.

About Genomes

A virtual bank that allows you to securely manage your own genome. Your DNA is the blueprint to who you are and the most precious piece of information you will ever have. is an infrastructure that allows you to safely share your genome with research organizations without actually losing crucial ownership over it.

Aldo co-founded this technology company in 2018 with 4 other founders and currently runs the company as its CEO. More information about (also called GenomesDAO) can be found here.


About TeachPitch


TeachPitch is on a mission to train over 10 million teachers in this world so they can optimally use technology to improve the state of education. Aldo founded this organization in 2014 to resolve the problem of information abundance through the process of curation, peer-to-peer learning and artificial intelligence.

TeachPitch is also the reason why Aldo got into podcasting as he met loads of people – who were not necessarily teachers themselves – but still wanted to help, innovate and improve the state of teaching and learning in this world.

More information about TeachPitch and the TeachPitch Podcast can be found here.

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